Thomas V Girardi

Personal Injury Lawyer

Mr. Girardi has obtained more than 30 verdicts of $1 million or more and has handled more than 100 settlements of $1 million or more.




Naz Barouti

Estate Planning

Barouti Law Corporation is one of the leading estate planning firms in Southern California.





Alan Gurvey

Workers Compensation Lawyer

The Law Firm of Rowen, Gurvey & Win (previously known as the Law Firm of Kenneth H. Rowen) has been specializing in workers’ compensation law since 1968.


Stephen R. Golden

Real Estate Law

Stephen R. Golden & Associates has over 100 years of collective legal experience. We are a progressive and aggressive Professional Law Corporation.



Great lawyers do not command excellence, they build excellence. Excellence is “being all you can be” within the bounds of doing what is right. To reach excellence you must first be a leader of good character. You must do everything you are supposed to do. Excellence starts with leaders of good and strong character who engage in the entire process of leadership. And the first process is being a person of honorable character that develops over time and is tested and refined. A lawyer with strong character shows drive, energy, determination, self-discipline, willpower, and nerve.

It goes without saying that you must trust your attorney and see them as professionals who are ethical and convey a strong vision to provide strength and guidance through highly complex life situations.

Our attorneys display sincerity, integrity, and candor in their actions

Our lawyers base their actions on reason and moral principles.

Our attorneys set goals and have a vision of how they can walk you through your life challenge. Effective lawyers envision what they want for their clients and know how to get it done.

Each law firm shows endurance in mental, physical, and spiritual stamina that inspire others to reach for new heights. They are not timid about taking charge when necessary.

It goes with out saying that our lawyers are educated, experienced and take on some of the most challenging cases where they can make a difference.

Seek out diversity in their client base and seek to understand as well as be understood by their clients

You will note that our lawyers have perseverance to accomplish a goal, regardless of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles and will display a confident calmness when under stress.

Use sound judgment to make good decisions at the right time.

Make timely and appropriate changes in thinking, planning, and methods. Show creativity by thinking of new and better goals, ideas, and solutions – they are innovative!


  • I retained Strategic Tax Lawyers and could not be more satisfied!…. They do not make empty promises and they let me know exactly what my options were. I retained them as my attorney and they were able to properly represent me to the IRS. I wish I found Strategic Tax Lawyers earlier …..
  • Kudos to the knowledgeable lawyers and staff at Rowen Gurvey & Win as I was in a tight spot and locked-in to what I thought was a “no win situation’,  but gave their firm a shot on a recommendation from a friend at work, glad I did and very happy now that I am no longer at the mercy of my employer and the cutthroat Ins. carrier.

    C.G. 1/13/13